Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Saturday, Another Rural Cycling Adventure

The weather gods were shining down on me today, last night the forecast called for 40% chance of thunderstorms but when I woke up this morning and checked I was pleasantly surprised with zeros all across the board.
Decided to head out on Hwy 2 to Bennet and then turn north toward Eagle before heading back for about a 40-50 miler.

Farming... the original "work from home" career path.

Ribbons of cement stretching for miles in either direction.




Happened upon this little B&B while taking the wrong road between Hwy 2 and Hwy 34, talked to the guy for a bit and snagged a brochure, might have to check it out a little further and see what pricing is like but it'd make a great little overnight get away perhaps. Ended up on 148th St. because I turned too soon, for a deserted looking road it had a ton of traffic including lots of large trucks, roller coaster hills and no shoulders, wouldn't be my first choice of roads to take if I had to do it again.

Spotted this Caballero in Eagle, the guy that rolled up in it, Fred was his name, was twice as old as the car... guessing the guy bought it new more than a few years ago and just never let it go. It worries me that our generation seems to view almost everything as disposable and everything you own needs to be replaced every couple of years, doesn't bode well for the whole sustainability concept.

Almost ran this monster over on the way back, probably would have caused a flat at minimum if hit just right... not sure why but picked it up and brought it home, didn't seem right to leave it laying out there for the next unsuspecting person but didn't seem right to just throw it in the ditch either. Guess if you're in the need for a big ass bolt hit me up, I have one now.

Rural riding is good for getting in the miles but city riding is awesome for the views as well... dat ass. 

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