Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Fat Tuesday

Time for another TNNDDR hosted by the great folks at Cycle Works, to be honest I kinda look forward to these rides all week. 90% of my riding is done solo so it's nice to be able to tag along with a group every now and again. Cycle Works was also hosting a Jamis demo night, they had some really sweet looking bikes, had I been able to make it to the shop by 5 I definitely would have taken one of the 650b bikes through the park. As it was I rode one around the parking lot area while waiting for the ride to kick off... I can see why these bikes are catching on, they seem more nimble than a 29er but a lot more stable than a 26 inch bike.


Rode the Jamis xct, seemed like a really great bike just not sure if I could justify another bike without selling one.


Mukluk and Krampus both came out again tonight, the Mukluk looks like a blast and I do have a soft spot for orange but I'm not sure I'd ride one enough.


Nate on the Krampus.


I'm horrible with names but this guy can fly through the single track and it proves that you don't need the latest, lightest bike to ride... said he picked up this one for $50, that leaves a lot of money for beer.


Mid ride, phone, glasses and rear wheel check.


Smokey says "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires", it was forest fires in my neck of the woods growing up but wildfires seems like maybe a more universal term... even Smokey the Bear has gone PC.

With little or no rain over the last few weeks the trails and the park is really drying out, if not for the grass clippings it'd be almost perfect right now. Took the geared bike out the last two times to give it a little love, not sure if that's helped, if they guys are just taking it easy on me or if I might just be getting a little faster but I've been able to keep up a lot better the last couple of weeks... I'm guessing they're just riding a bit slower. Think I might try my hand at the road ride later this week, see how the other half lives and all that. 

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