Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rollin with five-o

Not the kind of two wheeled vehicle I'm used to seeing on the bike routes...

Been a little stressed this week, lots of stuff going on, lots of things yet to be done and a few things to figure out; none of which have anything to do with biking but it has caused me to not get in much riding this week unfortunately. Needed a little down time so got out on the trials tonight for a much needed mind clearing. 

Weather looked a little sketchy but it held off and just looked ominous. 

Birds seemed to be the theme tonight, they were everywhere. This little family of ducks were enjoying some free bread, all except the father duck he just stood straight up like that the whole time eyeing the kid throwing the bread.

Caught a glimpse of a blue herring, don't see many of these in town, this one apparently can't read as he is doing exactly what the sign prohibits. 

Must have been cramping his style, so he flew off for the other end of the pond... or maybe he heard there were some cops in the area. 

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