Sunday, October 23, 2016

SMNDFBR - Whippy Toppy


Yesterday was Saturday, which of course meant that it was time once again for the Saturday Morning No Drop Fat Bike Ride but in addition to the SMNDFBR there was also a Sub 24 hour bike packing trip planned for later on in the day. Damon had his Trek 920 loaded down and ready for some fun, these rides look like a lot of fun... one should be in my future.




It was a great fall morning for the ride and we had another fantastic group come out to join in as well, 10 of us snaking our way through the downtown area. Thankfully the Husker game was still 5 hours off so the crowds, while still there, hadn't amassed yet to the point where travel was impossible.


Picked up another two riders at the Van Dorn trail head and the 12 of us trucked on down the Jamaican toward the single track.



Despite a little bit of dew on the grass the trail itself benefited from the tree cover and was in great shape.


The troll bridge stop made a return to the ride, as the temps start to drop and the snow starts to accumulate this will become a more common haunt for us.




Out on the west side and back on the east side, the east was in a bit better shape than the west as is usually the case. Both sides are leaf covered but that is hardly a worry for those 4" tires, not only do they excel in the snow but they grip like crazy even on the usually perilous footing caused by a layer of leaves on the trail.


Like zombies to brains, we were drawn to the magical properties of the coffee bean and found ourselves lined up at Scooters.


A group of fat bikes at a local coffee shop draws more than a few looks... even by crazed Husker fans who themselves have been known to be a bit overboard with their undying passion toward their team.


The two ladies working at Scooters were beyond awesome, the blended Carmelicious was a popular choice yesterday as the temps were near 70 by the end of the ride... of course the drink would not be complete without the whippy toppy, which the ladies inside even started referring to it as by the time we were done getting drinks.


Probably not too many of these days left this years so we lingered a little longer soaking up the sun than was probably necessary but it just felt so good.




By the time we had our fill of sun and bean it was well past noon and there was no way we were going to brave the legion of Husker fans downtown so we opted for the less packed Rock Island trail to get us back to the shop.



We managed to get back just as the bike packing crew was rolling out heading to Stagecoach Lake, they had an awesome looking group, with a smile on every face. Join us next week for another Saturday Morning Fat Bike ride, hopefully the weather is as nice then as it was yesterday.


Movie Night is also rolling on in November, join us on the 16th for the cult classic 90s film Office Space. If you've never seen it, you really owe it to yourself to see this one as it's got a following similar to, if not greater than, films like the Big Lebowski and it was responsible for the red Swingline stapler being put into production. The one in the movie was a custom painted one but the demand for the little red beauty became so great that Swingline later began producing the model in it's lineup.

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