Saturday, October 10, 2015

SMNDFBR - Fat Bike Christmas


One of the things that I enjoy about the Saturday Morning No Drop Fat Bike Ride is getting to see, touch and ride all of the new Fat Bikes that have come in and been built up over the week. It's like coming down the stairs on Christmas day to see what Santa left you under the tree, except I don't get to keep any of these presents... so I guess it's like opening other peoples presents and playing with them before they get a chance to. Whatever you want to call it, it's a great time.


While the Momentum Rocker isn't intended for full on mountain biking it rides really smooth and at $600 would be a fun around town bike. As a bonus it's a bike made by an actual bicycle company (Giant in this case) instead of a big box store and for just a little more coin than what you can find at those stores but better quality. If you like the idea of big tires but know you aren't ever going to do any actual mountain biking, this is a bike worth checking out.

Photo Oct 10, 8 44 57 AM

Photo Oct 03, 8 43 12 AM

Now if you're looking for "real" Fat Bikes that will go anywhere and roll over almost everything, new this week are the Salsa Blackburrow with 5" tires and the aluminum Salsa Beargrease with 4" tires. Depending on your needs, either bike would suit you well, the grease being a the more racy of the two and the burrow being more bike packing/adventure biking suited.


Also new this week is the Trek Farley 9.6 with full carbon frame and fork. If you're interested in a better picture of the bike, there is one on the Facebook page, this one here is just to show you the smile you can expect to have every time you ride this bike.



It wasn't all drooling over bikes, there was a ride to be had as well. While the afternoon temps lately might be more summer-ish, the temps in the mornings are definitely autumn like and it was a little chilly this morning to start out.




Had a fantastic turn out for the ride this morning, seemed like we were half and half as far as fat tires and not so fat tires went.


It's crazy to see everything so green and growing this late in the year, all the green grass you see being watered here is new from last weekend. When we rode past here last Saturday they were just planting the grass seed and it was all dirt and mud.


This was Kyle's last SMNDFBR, a new job is calling him in places far off. Good luck with the new adventure Kyle, we will miss you.


Scott was killing it on his cross bike, don't worry, we will get him talked into a Fat Bike here soon.


Tracey was a new face at the ride, she did really well... might have to work on that jersey though. Kidding of course, we welcome anyone to come out and ride with us, it's all about getting more people out on bikes and having fun. Hoping we will see a lot more of Tracey in the future.


Now that's a jersey!


The flooding has changed the trails a little bit, this new sand pit on the west side is just one of the new additions, albeit a fun addition.


Regroup and doing our part to make sure the bridges are safe and will hold under some weight.


Some of our four legged friends have been enjoying Wilderness Park also, leaving little presents for all to enjoy.


Ed was having a wheelie good time at the 14th St. parking lot regroup.



Big group and very fun group for the ride today. Leaves are just now starting to change colors and fall in Wilderness, won't be long before there are more on the ground than in the trees but we will keep on rolling as long as the park is ridable. Looking forward to some snow but not looking forward to the cold that naturally follows along. Someone needs to work on inventing warm snow... world peace can wait a few more years.

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