Friday, October 16, 2015

Just Like A Lowenbrau Commercial... Tonight Is Kind Of Special


With the Omaha Jackrabbit on the schedule for Saturday I wanted to get down to Cycle Works and pick up some nutrition for the race in hopes of having a stronger showing than what I had at Gravel Worlds. Since I was going to be in Lincoln anyway I decided to bring a bike along for the ride and get a group together for a spin through Wilderness Park, it turned out to be a perfect night for riding. Vince brought out his new Fatty for the ride.


Since my Highball single speed hasn't seen much love, I decided to go the other way and went skinnier. While the bike is much quicker and more playful, those skinny tires with the Small Block 8s were a bit on the sketchy side cruising around leaf covered corners. Took a little bit to get used to the rear end sliding out a little bit around some of the corners again... not something you generally have to worry about on a Fat Bike with a 4" contact patch.


It's been a minute since I last rode with these two as well, so it was good that they were able to make it out.



The Park was in perfect shape, flew through it and had a little refreshment session before heading back in, in the opposite direction. What is fall riding without a little mid ride soda stop.


There was supposed to be a second group coming out around 7 so we high tailed it to the bridge but we either had the wrong bridge or they couldn't make it... it's all good either way, there is always next time.


With a perfect night for riding and views like this, you'd be hard pressed to find much to complain about. A night on the bike in Wilderness during fall is a perfect ending to any evening.


Harvest time is upon us, not the best picture in the world because it was getting pretty dark by this time but the line of 18 wheelers waiting to drop off at the elevators was pretty impressive none the less. 

A little bonus for those of you who might not remember Lowenbrau and their cheesy commercials int he 70s and 80s, this will help put the title into reference. Enjoy!

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