Friday, July 10, 2015

ThNNDRR - Taking The Ol' Man's Ride For A Spin


Rick is out in Colorado for the Triple Bypass Ride, so I filled in and lead the Thursday Night No Drop Road Ride (ThNNDRR) last night. It's kind of like borrowing the ol' man's Caddy to take your best gal out to the sock hop, you try to bring it back in the same shape that you found it else suffer the wrath for ruining a well oiled machine. Hopefully there aren't too many dents for Rick to knock out next week when he returns to the ride, I even made sure to gas'er up; had an awesome turn out for the ride however, 10 of us in total.


The best part of leading a ride is that since you know where you're going and the other don't necessarily, you get to be in the front... until they catch on to the route and then you're screwed.


See!! As soon as I let on that we were heading to Waverly, boom... back of the pack for me.


Well there's something you normally don't have to worry about on your urban bike path, I seem to see one of these guys every time I'm on Waverly road.


It's hard to believe that it's early July and the corn is already about 6 or so feet high, one good side effect of all the rain I suppose.


Regroup at 134th and Waverly road, off to the south someone was flying an RC plane so we watched that for a few minutes so everyone could catch their breath before heading back to Lincoln. A little tidbit of useless information, spellcheck does not like the word Waverly, have you ever typed a word and you're pretty sure it's spelled right but then spellcheck makes you doubt yourself... Waverly is one of those words.


Like I said, great group for the ride last night, a mini peloton.


Once the group was regrouped, it was time to pick up the pace again. My Miley Cyrus tongue portrayed what my tired legs were thinking.


Once we were all safely on Hwy 6 I decided to see if I could hang with the big dogs, catching them was not an easy task as they were pushing 24 mph most of the way with a slight head wind. I was able to catch onto the back after a few miles but it kind of fragmented our groups so we stopped just after the 70th St./Cornhusker Hwy split to allow everyone to get back on to the group. Scott was spinning yarns about his time working at the Purina plant.


He wasn't an actual employee just doing electrical work for them but he said he never did get used to the smell... I assume he meant the smell coming from the pet food manufacturing process and not his coworkers but I never really clarified that with him.


After a few minutes of much appreciated rest, we were whole again and continued on back to Cycle Works via the John Dietrich trail. Great night for a ride really, anticipated it taking us a bit longer than it did so we got back with plenty of sunshine left.

Thanks for letting me borrow the car Rick, I swear I don't know anything about the rip in the back seat... it was already there when I pulled out of the garage.

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