Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Quest for Crank

Was surfing the interwebs the other night and came upon a post in one of the Facebook pages where someone is selling mountain biking stuff they don't want anymore. Since I have been known to ride a bicycle from time to time I frequent read these pages, problem is it seems that most people want to sell their "gently" used stuff for almost as much as you can get the same thing for new so I don't often buy much. Anyway, it just so happened that there was a SRAM crank set for sale at a reasonable price. We talked a bit and came upon a price and I thought we had even come up with a plan to meet. Kid selling the cranks lived in Seward and wasn't old enough to drive, so I figured I'd ride the cross bike out to pick up the crank and make a nice little ride out of it.


Managed to find a partner in crime for the ride out to Seward, so we meet up and Sunken Gardens and headed out into the wind.


Must be hunting season for one type of bird or another, unless it's some sort of new hiviz/camo riding kit.


In true Nebraska fashion it was more overcast than forecast, more windy than forecast and colder than forecast but man do those conditions make for some great photos.


Misery loves company as they say. Made it out to Seward in fairly decent time despite the wind and the constant rollers between here and there... that's where the trouble started. It seems we had some wires crossed because I sent the seller a text with my location and they said they would be there in 15 minutes, seemed about right for Seward. Moments later I get a second text "Lincoln right?" Somehow he was under the assumption we were meeting in Lincoln and I was under the assumption we were meeting in Seward, ruh-roh Raggy. So I turned around and high tailed it back to Lincoln, luckily they had some shopping and other things to do so we were able to connect at the new Fallbrook Super Saver.


In the end it all worked out though, I got a gently used crank to replace the one on the Monocog and I got in a fairly decent ride to boot. First crank I ever rode almost 60 miles for but it should be a nice upgrade from the stock crank that came on the Cog.

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