Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sprinter or Wring

Whatever term you want to use doesn't matter, I'll take 60s in January any day. That being said I just had to get out and get in a few miles on the bike today, because of scheduling that meant that I'd have to forgo at least the 1st quarter if not the first half of the AFC Championship game. If you know me then you know I'm a huge Broncos fan so missing the start of the game really shows you how nice it was out today. I'm also a huge Seahawks fan, having lived in both cities, and am really hopeful that we can have a Broncs vs. Hawks Superbowl here in a few weeks, no matter who wins or who loses I'd be happy.


It was a bit windy again today, nowhere near as bad as yesterday but not really wanting to deal with it I decided to shoot through Wilderness and see how the trails were. Decided to take a breather on the bridge over Salt Creek on what used to be the Rock Island Rail Road line, having nothing on the sides to keep you from riding or falling off it's not really for those afraid of heights but being able to sit with your feet dangling over the edge is nice and the view is pretty good too.


Usually this is just a brief stop on my way through the park but it was such a nice day and it literally seemed like I had Wilderness to myself at this point so I decided to take the gear off and just sit and take it all in for a few minutes. I love how Wilderness is so close to Lincoln but can still seem so far away from it all when you are out there, even the sound of traffic on Hwy 77 can be made to sound like a rapid moving stream if you imagine it hard enough.


It was so nice out even the bees thought that it was spring already (if you can't see him he's just on the bottom edge of the Garmin), it was nice to have a little company so we both just sat and shared an awesome day sitting on a bridge, soaking in the warm temps and the sunshine.

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