Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday is for Spelunking

Twas an awesome November morning, that didn't feel at all like a November morning 50s at 8 am.


Just look at how gorgeous it was, not sure if it was dew or if it sprinkled last night but the cement was a bit wet this morning but nothing too bad.


Headed out to Meadowlark Coffee at 8 to meet up with M.G., haven't been out on much more than solo rides since the group rides stopped for the season so the company was going to be nice.



Got there a bit early, had no idea how long it was going to take to ride there for sure and figured early was better than late. Was a bit of a busy morning in the five minutes I sat there waiting, had two fire trucks go by with full sirens and lights and the life flight helicopter lifted off. It's kind of a shame a few somebodies were have crappy days already on such a beautiful autumn day.


Headed straight into a pretty brutal headwind on the way to Cortland, winds started out at 16 mph and just kept getting stronger. Riding into a wind that strong is like riding uphill for the 25 miles out and I was definitely feeling it today.


My view for a lot of the ride, it's pretty humbling when you're deep, deep in your pain cave, your legs are on fire, your lungs are screaming, you'd probably be screaming as well if you could spare the oxygen, it's all you can do to muster up the will to go on... and you look over at the guy you're riding with knowing that he could ride away from you like you were standing still any time he wanted to. Don't get me wrong it's definitely a very humbling experience but it's also the only way you get better at anything, getting your ass handed to you every once in awhile, while it sucks, also helps you improve in ways you never could on your own. There's always going to be someone faster, better, stronger than you are at whatever you do, that's just a fact of life but it's how you respond to the situation that either builds you up or knocks you down. The pain you feel today is the strength you'll feel tomorrow.

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