Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bikeless on Saturday

Had other plans today that meant no biking, no biking meant sleeping in... if you consider 9 am sleeping in but it was nice to not be up before the sun.


Decided to head out to the shotgun range at Pawnee, the boy had never shot a shotgun before and with the Zombie apocalypse seemingly just around the corner I figured it was time to rectify that. Of course with his constant groaning and sloth like movements it's possible that he could be confused for a zombie if it ever happens.


I've always thought this was a pretty serious muzzle brake, not really sure why they have spikes on it but it does make putting the thing in a case very interesting.


After showing a few melons who was boss we decided to check out the lake for a bit since we were there already, it didn't disappoint with all the vivid colors.


In the waning light of this autumn day even the crapper looked a bit more majestic.


It's been a few years since I've gone fishing in Nebraska but I certainly don't remember the fish just throwing themselves on land, I sorta recall it being much more difficult.

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