Friday, October 11, 2013

Dirty pictures and beer

Been a hectic but fun couple of days, Wednesday was the third race in the Star City CX series at Tanker Hill. In all my years here in the Capitol City I had never made it out there, didn't even know it existed actually.


The views from the top of the hill were pretty good, might have to venture back out that way at night sometime and see what the city looks like at night.


The course was perfect for watching but it looked like a pretty hilly and difficult course if you were riding it, although the lead group made it look way too easy.


One of the things I like about watching Cyclocross races is that costumes are not only approved but often encouraged, like this cow.


Or this guy in his blonde wig, pink pantyhose and Hawaiian shirt.


Do Work! Maintaining the course while the race is going on, because the course was new this was a very slick corner with all the dead grass being kicked up.


Removing one of the barriers mid-race.


The setting sun made for near perfect lighting and the dying tall grass really contrasted with the riders making for some really good photo opportunities, I'm glad I decided to bring more than just the point and shoot along this time. Lots more photos HERE if you want to take a peek.

Thursday was time to drink a little beer and eat a little food at the Octo Beerfest out at the Lancaster Event Center.


Complimentary tasting mug.


More than a decent amount of vendors and drinkers turned out for the event.


There was even a Polka band if that's your thing.


And these dudes, later in the knight (so punny) they put on a choreographed sword fight.


Tried to hit up a few beers I hadn't ever had before, like this one from Shmatlz Brewing. Originally I thought it was going to be a pretty fruity beer as it pours as a bright red but actually has a darker, earthy taste to it.


This one was actually pretty good tasting, tasted a lot like Grapefruit soda and with only 2% alcohol it almost is, it would take a lot of these to get a good buzz on but with the taste you could drink a lot of them.


I'm a big fan of Rogue, they make some really good beer and this one was no exception. It's a seasonal obviously so if you're into pumpkin beer its well worth a try depending on retail price point.


This was probably my personal favorite booth of the night, these guys are home brewers and they had a really, really good jalapeno ale that had plenty of jalapeno flavor without hiding the beer flavor or being needlessly hot. They also produced a pumpkin seasonal ale as you can see by the ingenious use of the pumpkin to hold the tap, this was also a really good beer and is available at Misty's from what I was told, the jalapeno unfortunately is only available from his garage. I asked him for his address but it was hinted that my upper chest was not developed enough for that... always something but hey, you've gotta have your priorities. 

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