Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day of Rest

Felt good to get out on the bike for a ride today, really needed at least twice the 46 miles I got in to make a dent in the calorie intake over the last few days but it was a decent start.


Harvest is in full swing right now, lots of dust in the air.


If you could put up with the dust though the solitude of the gravel was nice, not having cars whizzing by you at 65 mph was also nice.


Ran into M.G. at the Malcolm General Store, chatted for a bit before he headed out for some more miles while I headed home with the tailwind. Really like the looks of the Singular Gryphon.


Decided just to take HWY 34 back into Lincoln and was treated to some nice grooved pavement, always a good time... not!

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