Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Unofficial TNNDDR - Group of one

Today was Tuesday which would usually mean it was time for the TNNDDR but Nate decided to head up to Wisconsin to hang out with some Gary Fisher dude and ride some sweet new Trek bikes so there was no official ride... I'd probably have done the same myself. I was still feeling like a ride so decided to hold the first ever unofficial TNNDDR and I am glad I did, park was in primo condition tonight.



Saw this bike in the bottom of the creek off of 14th street, looks like it's been down there awhile but hard to tell without actually fishing it out. I have all my bikes so it's not going to be this guy that's for sure.


Wilderness is really green and lush right now, maybe a bit too lush had to dodge quite a few low hanging branches but the recent rains have kept the dust under control.


Picked up some Rasta socks, don't look too bad, might have to make them the official sock of the official TNNDDR.


Post ride recovery beverage, picked up some of Empyrean's new seasonal beer Domino Effect yesterday. I'd say it's probably my second favorite seasonal that they put out, Fallen Angel being my all time favorite but this one is really good as well.

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