Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things must be looking up...

First time I have seen water in this fountain in a few years, been a rough couple of summers but with all the moisture we've had this year we must either be officially out of the drought or very close. 

Another sign that times are getting better is all the new construction going on downtown, I know that the construction has been planned for years but if the economy were that horrible I still believe there would be a lot fewer structures popping up nothing stops progress faster than lack of money. I am glad to see the original canopy from the train station going back up, it's about the only recognizable feature in this part of the Haymarket. 

And then there's this thing, lots of talk and anticipation about the opening and all the concerts coming into town... if you as me it sorta looks like a giant bedpan from the backside. I guess that's only fitting since we already have the "Penis of the Plains" we might as well have the "Bedpan of the Prairie" to go along with it. 

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